Rodney Bennett, Equality is Legacy, Governance

Rodney Bennett


Rodney brings a considerable history of transforming under-performing business operations with a keen sense for putting people first. This has led to much success in delivering significant increases in sales and profitability for some of the hospitality industries biggest companies. Harnessing people skills and a passion for performance coaching Rodney now combines an Operational Manager role with a client practice coaching & mentoring retail and hospitality business owners.

Rodney has always had a desire to fight for equality having experienced how pathways, support and opportunities have been limited for the BAME community while working in the hospitality Industry.

“As a community we are sometimes so afraid to step out from behind the barricades we have built to protect ourselves from systemic racism, we don’t know how much the world can be enriched by our amazing talents and ability to contribute. I will dedicate myself to providing equal opportunities for those marginalized sometimes unconsciously, but often through neglect, by the colour of their skin or the background they have come from.”

“I love to find solutions and to take positive action and I hope everyone who has the same desires can get behind, donate or support what we are doing. To me it’s simple don’t question and look for fault with something unless you’re prepared to offer and put in place a better solution. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great. I hope the legacy of our country is equality for the sake of my children and all of yours.”